About us

Welcome to my little corner of TikTok, where the worlds of ink and yarn intertwine in an unexpected dance of creativity! 🧶🖤 I’m Dan, a tattoo enthusiast with a heart deeply rooted in the art of knitting.


My journey began in the bustling streets of ink, where each tattoo tells a story, a permanent mark of moments and memories. But when the needles aren’t buzzing, you’ll find me in a serene oasis, where the only sound is the gentle click-clack of knitting needles. From vibrant skeins of yarn to the intricate designs that bloom under my fingertips, I bring the same passion and precision to my knitting as I do to my tattoos.


Here, I share my love for both worlds through videos that captivate and inspire. Whether you’re here for the ink, the knitting, or the delightful blend of both, I promise to bring you content that’s as colourful and diverse as my tattoos.


So, if you’re a fellow yarn lover, tattoo aficionado, or simply here for the journey, welcome aboard! Let’s knit together a community where creativity knows no bounds.


If you want to check me out on the socials ill list them below:

Tiktok/Instagram: @Dansoarr